Project Happiness 365: Day 101


It’s already past 100 posts. Wow! I feel great. Past couple of days have been very difficult.  I was dragging myself around, feeling very shitty and hating my very existence. But I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that things will be better.
Anyways,  I promised you a post about my snowmobile safari with him couple of days ago. We got it as a Christmas gift from his father and stepmother.  But as we both are so lazy and unplanned people,  we just stalled it. Nevertheless, we fixed the date and finally went on the trip.
It was snowy and a little bit windy. The adventure company picked us up and took us to the camp where we got dressed into insulated suits and shoes. Then, we got a brief instruction from our guide on how to manoeuvre the scooter. Each scooter had two people,  a driver and a passenger that could be switched during the brief breaks.
The journey started from Camp Tamok in Lyngnsfjord,  an hour and twenty minutes drive from Tromsø. He persuaded me to start the trip and I did.


Since I have not drove anything else before, I was quite a noob and he helped me.  But it didn’t end that we’ll because I ended up going off track and crashing on a tree. Nobody got hurt though.
So, he took over. It snowed so much that everything around us was white. There were six other people with us on the safari. The destination was 15 km uphill to a frozen Lake. But we weren’t quite sure if we would be able to reach there because of the weather condition.



He rode so good. It was very much fun. At last we reached this vast white very windy landscape where we took a rest. The guide said: ‘Now we are standing on the frozen lake’. We didn’t realize it was a frozen lake. There we were free to drive wherever we wanted so, I tried one more time. The scooter was very heavy and it took some time before I could actually steer it well. I got a bit confident in a while so, I started speeding up. I sped up so much and took such a sharp turn that before I realized the scooter tumbled and we both landed on the snowy ground. He didn’t get hurt but I managed to hit my calf on something in scooter. It cramped up a bit but I was laughing so hard.



The rest of the way back he was the driver. And we had a lot of fun. We were served hot tomato soup with bread at the camp.



We had nice talks with a Belgian guy and a Swiss couple.  Unfortunately, we had to wait for two hours on the way back because of some accident In Tromsø.
He bought a delicious dinner. All in all that day was amazing.  It felt really good to have the adrenaline rush. Definitely one of the happiest experience of my life.


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