Project Happiness 365: Day 93


It’s been a nice day today. Tromsø was sunny and the sky looked like summer was here already. 


This place needs no filter. Look at those clouds and the water. Ahhh! Tromsø makes me feel like I am home finally.

But today’s moment of happiness was when I visited my favorite restaurant Skirri and ordered a tea. Oh! By the way I stopped drinking coffee from yesterday. The server guy said I could try the chili and lemon tea. He’s a very nice happy looking guy. I said I’d love to try. After he served me, I tried to pay but he said it’s free for me. I was baffled.  Even though this is not the first time it happened to me in Tromsø,  it was the first time there. I insisted on paying but he said it’s okay, I could keep on visiting the place and pay next time.  I felt so happy. It’s simple gestures like these that make me feel like home in Tromsø.  😊



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