Project Happiness 365: Day 92


Oh! I had a very eventful, fun filled and tiring day today. It was a day off and I am procrastinating big time with my thesis writing. I decided to chill and relax at city centre. It was so sunny and warm after ages. I needed to feel the sun on my skin. He joined me. Walking to sentrum with him was refreshing and my whole body felt alive with the touch of sun rays. We went to get some coffee at my current favourite restaurant in Tromsø called Skirri. We sat on my favourite table. I love that seat because the view outside is spectacular. We had a good conversation.


You probably understand now why I love that seat.

But before he left, he said something disheartening. It made me think for quite a long time. I came to the conclusion that it’s my demeanor. I have been overthinking things, taking myself seriously again so, it shows in my face and mannerism. (Sometimes I really wish I had a mask). Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what I’m doing here, why I am here, why am I wasting so much time not doing anything, why do I hate my project (even though it’s something close to my heart), why I don’t have any friends, why my life sucks big time, you know all that self loathing thought overdrive. I decided that fuck this shit, I’m not gonna fall into the pit all over again. If I don’t manage to do anything in life, then so be it. I won’t. Who says I have to do anything anyways?

Anyways, I hung out there all by myself for a while. They have put up a huge aquarium along the corridor next to the restaurant. I must say the interior designer has done a great job. With the backdrop of the waterscape and snow clad Tromsø, the aquarium and the fish are actually breathtaking . I grew up with an aquarium back home. My brother and I took turns feeding fish and we spent so many hours just watching the fish movements. (To be honest, it was fun to even see fish pooping. LOL! :D) So, watching the fish in that huge aquarium was like a walk down the memory lane.


After that, I decided to go to this museum that I have been wanting to go for the last one and a half year. I walk past that museum every single time I am in city centre and I tell myself that I should visit soon. But I always convince myself, ‘Next time, for sure!’ But today I walked past that place and thought to myself, it’s now or never. So, there I was walking inside this half lit museum corridors. The museum is called ‘Perspektivet Museum’ and they have pretty contemporary and off beat exhibitions going on. Right now, they have two exhibitions going on. The ground floor features photography exhibition called ‘The Believers’  by Jordi Pizarro. That exhibition just blew my mind. Photography was prohibited so, I don’t have any pictures. But the exhibition featured photographs depicting the relationship between human and religious beliefs. My favourite picture was the central piece. The picture of an old Jewish man crying with a cross close to his chest. The photograph was so powerful that I could almost hear his silent scream and feel the emotion he was feeling when that picture was captured. Such is the power of photography. The photographs captured an array of emotions that human show. It captured the ordeal and suffering humans can go through for their belief.

On the first floor, there was an exhibition called ‘Homo Religiosus’ going on. The collective effort of artist Lawrence Malstaf and musician Aggie Peterson, the exhibition highlighted sound, video and photography installations depicting the spiritual world humans live in and different ways they practice their faiths. Photography was allowed. So, I took a lot of pictures and videos. I had my own music playing on my head set. But it just synced with the installations there.

[The music playing in this video is Room 23 by Shpongle]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The highlight of the day however, was the meeting with the street musician Flo. He was playing Lead Bailey’s ‘Where did you sleep last night?’ It was so cold on the pavement. I stood there listening but I didn’t have any money to give him so, I bought him coffee instead. He played Eddie Vedder’s ‘Rise’ from the movie Into the Wild for me and also one Led Zepplin song I don’t remember the name right now. I had a nice brief conversation about music with him.


And even though I didn’t get the bus and had to walk home because of the crazy traffic situation of traffic here today, I am happy. The cherry on top was the free hot chocolate with cream on top I got from this very generous girl at my another favourite hangout. I waited for 45 minutes for the bus which did not come so, I went back to the cafe I was hanging out in. As soon as I entered, this girl was so happy and said she’s gonna make hot chocolate for me. When I tried to pay, she said it was for free. I asked her, ‘What did I do to deserve this amazing cup of hot chocolate?’ She laughed and replied, ‘You are one of the nicest!’. 🙂

I’m glad I send good vibes to people.



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