Daily Archives: March 6, 2016

Project Happiness 365: Day 89


Wake up,  build a fire, fill the kettle with water for coffee, cook coffee, make café mocca from scratch,  make some breakfast,  eat, smoke, laze around.

Bake,  bake, bake. Butterdeig med Brie og Gressløk.

Make dishes you would normally not make. Relish each bite and be grateful for the cooking skills and enthusiasm to cook. Be grateful that you have someone to cook for.


Contemplate life.
Read, read, read.
Listen to music. Shpongle always tops the list.  Múm comes second.

Try to talk while doing something.  Fail miserably because he’s playing chess against Magnus Carlson again.

I played chess with him today. I am a noob. It was boring in the beginning but later it was fun. He explained things to me and I could finally understand what I was doing. Getting a bit of an understanding. 

Make coffee. Eat grill cheese sandwiches.  It’s our current favorite.

What do you want for dinner?  The ultimate question.

Blomkålsuppe?  Grill cheese sandwiches?  Fried rice? Baked sweet potatoes?

And then…it’s time to pretend to watch that crappy show on Norwegian TV.

Doze off before you even realize.  A long, beautiful,  warm, intense sleep…

That’s cabin life, my friends!