Daily Archives: March 1, 2016

Project Happiness 365: Day 84


Oh! these hormones are driving me crazy.😢   Worst case of PMS! I just hated everyone and everything.  I am trying to keep calm but it’s difficult. 
We had a beautiful sunny day today. I had work and it was stressful as well. I took an early day off and I am writing this post on the bus. I will probably land on the bed and doze off. 
It is so difficult to find out what made me happy today. I have been quite cranky and down. 
Well the realization that I am gonna get my period soon, even though it’s not particularly fun process, is the only thing that I should be happy about I guess.
But here’s a photo of this vegetable spaghetti I made at work today. It turned out to be very good.