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Project Happiness 365: Day 113


Just scrolled Facebook and found this sweet article about Peanut’s take on ‘Love’. I saw these comic strips before I even knew what love was. When I was a kid, I saw my aunt and uncle paint these ‘Love is…’ on canvases. I found those paintings very cute. So, finding this article was nostalgic. 😊 

Here’s the link:

Love Is Walking Hand In Hand: The Peanuts Gang Defines Love, 1965


Project Happiness 365: Day 112


These days Tromsø has been very beautiful with spectacular skyscape. Snow is melting,  sun is shining and sign of spring is here. I am happier. It’s something to do with sunlight that makes my whole being happy. My skin loves it, my appetite is getting better and my mind is calmer.
You will understand what I mean when you see these pictures.

Project Happiness 365 :Day 111


I witnessed an amazing sky today. Sun is back and spring is soon here. It is 8:30 in the evening but it’s still light outside. There will be midnight sun in a couple of months. Oh! I’m so excited.
Here are few pictures from my walk with him today.

Project Happiness 365: Day 107


I have been thinking a lot about this Norwegian poem I really love. My bf read and translated it for me. It is written by Vigdis Garbarek and today I share it with you.

“Hva kan jeg si som ikke alt er sagt
Hva kan jeg tenke som ikke alt er tenkt
Hva kan jeg være som ikke alt har vært
Meg selv”

Translation :

“What can I say that has not already been said?


What can I think that has not already been thought?


What can I be that has not already been?


Project Happiness 365: Day 106


Turbulent Mind

When I am wide awake,
I’m still drowning in my dreams.
When I am sitting somewhere,
I am distracted by the voices.
When I am looking,
I am day dreaming.
When I am reading,
I am swimming in the words.
When I am writing,
I am contemplating emotions.
When I am eating,
I am trying to feel the deep taste.
When I am walking in the crowd,
I am searching for my identity .
And when I am sleeping,
I am lost in the labyrinth of my nightmares.

My mind…
it never seems to rest.


[I came across this poem I wrote a long time ago. 3 years ago to be precise. It is a bit paradoxical to post this as my project happiness post. But this post somehow awakened something in me. A consciousness about my turbulent mind, which doesn’t seem to be getting any better, anyways. But I guess that’s what living is, living is a struggle.

I am all alone in my cozy room listening to music and trying to read a bit. I am thinking about my thesis almost all the time now which is good. Oh these phases you go through when you are working on your research is overwhelming. But keeping myself real and my mind healthy is important than anything else I guess. 🙂 ]

Project Happiness 365: Day 105


I read something very interesting just now. It was like reading a page from my own diary. I have been feeling what this guy is feeling. You know the feeling of being lost, being alone, not being able to communicate what you are actually going through with anyone and waiting for that moment of epiphany.  I am not gonna spoil this for you.

Click here to read more.

“No one is going to save you; no one is going to hold your hand through this fire. You alone must do that”.

I have promised myself that I am gonna work really hard and get my shits done. I am keep on doing the creative stuffs that I used to do. I am getting back on track and it feels good.


Here’s a picture of one of the best cheesecake I had at Smørtorget this afternoon. If you ever visit Tromsø,  you should visit this café. Located at one of the oldest lane of the city, this place is a cultural hub. Not only do they have one of the best coffee and cakes in the city, they have art, handicrafts, and second hand books for sale.


Project Happiness 365: Day 104


It’s the full moon tonight. People in Nepal are celebrating Holi,  festival of color. Since my skin is very sensitive and allergic,  I am not a big fan of the festival.  But it reminds me of the good times with my brother and friends.


It was one more sunny day today. 


I took a different route to work today. Along the harbor through the polar museum. It was my own culture walk through the city and it felt really good.


It was the last day at work before Easter holidays.  It was quite exhausting because I had to take him out for dinner. He was quite annoyed and cranky but I tried to remain calm.
I just wanna go home. He’s making dinner tonight so, I am just gonna chill. 
Looking forward to going home.
Here’s a picture of a smiling fish chilling in an aquarium in Kysten Mathus.