Project Happiness 365: Day 82


I was quite frustrated today. You know, one of those days when you feel so bad about yourself.  I felt so lame. I ended up making things worse. So, I went out. Went to drink some coffee, try to relax and read a bit. It did help a lot. Chilling in my favorite café was very rejuvenating. 

Day 82: Walk through Graveyard

I took the longest way home. I went through the paths that I had never taken. I was unsure and felt lost at times but it was refreshing. 
Then, I went through the graveyard.  There was not a single soul around. The  lights and the ambience made the walk beautiful.  I contemplated on being alive and the inevitability of death.

I cried.  Then, I told myself that it’s okay to be overwhelmed and feel shitty sometimes. After all, in the end ‘Sabai thikai hunchha’ (Nepali for ‘Everything will be alright’).


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