Project Happiness 365: Day 79


I started working after two weeks and it felt good. But I was so lazy this morning. The thought of going to work was very depressing and I even told my bf that I wanna get a new job.
But he made amazing grilled cheese sandwich and everything was all good. Trust me, his grill cheese sandwiches, hot chocolate with cream on top and pancakes have the power to bring smile on my face.  😊

Day 79: Classical Art Memes
Oh, there is one more thing that makes me happy, laugh like crazy actually!  It is this page called Classical art memes on Facebook.  If you have not been following this page then, I totally recommend you to do it instantly. They give a twist to classical paintings with funny and witty captions.  They have a knack to tickle my funny bone. 😀
Here are some of my favorite memes.


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