Project Happiness 365: Day 78


It is a beautiful sunny day. Sun came back with all its glory today.  Of course I would not waste this day sitting at home.

I went to university. No friends were around. I went to get some tea but they played some shitty music at the café.  I felt so shitty suddenly. It was like I lost purpose of my life. Power of music, huh? So, I decided I should put on my headset and play my own music. I did and then things slowly fell back to place. I decided to come to city centre.

Since it’s a sunny day, a lot of people are out in sentrum,  enjoying the sun. The view looks magical.  Tromsø is indeed a beautiful city. Having the sun around is like a privilege because we have had so much of snow and dark days without sun. We cherish moments like these.

I am writing this post sitting in my new favorite restaurant in Tromsø called ‘Skirri‘. This place has one of the best views of Tromsø. They don’t have a good vegetarian menu but they have pretty good selection of homemade cakes.

They have a new barista making drinks today and I just tasted the best café latte I had ever tasted in Tromsø.  I kinda knew it when I saw him brew the espresso.  It was just amazing.

So, here I am enjoying the view and the coffee.

Life is good. 🙂



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