Project Happiness 365: Day 77


Doodling Fun
I have been making doodles on the book I am reading for a while now. Doodling has made me happy lately. I am making symbols, patterns and shapes. It’s pretty meditative.
I start doodling whenever and wherever I want. Last time I was sitting at a café when I suddenly felt like doodling. I took out my pencil and just started drawing. That spontaneity made me feel quite happy and I managed to come up with something I found interesting.
This book has 366 pages. If I can manage to make doodles for each page then, it will be like a 365 days project. But the difficult part is drawing everyday.
These days every time I am smoking and contemplating, I feel like I should draw more. I wonder if it’s just another phase or will I keep this up. Nevertheless, for now this is what makes me chill and relaxed. 😊


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