Project Happiness 365: Day 63


I was preparing for a presentation but it got postponed. I was annoyed as hell. But later on I realized that it was a good practice for me, as I figured out what I wanted to do further and I structured my project. He also read my text and we had a very good discussion. One of these days, I will write more about what my research is about.

Day 63: Box of happiness
I was quite pissed off today. But when I went to get some tea at the cafeteria, I met him. It was so nice. He had packed a box of salad for me too. And he was about to bring it to my reading room. That was so thoughtful of him. And at that instance, I forgot that I was angry and I was suddenly beaming with happiness.

That’s the box of happiness for today. 😊😍 He’s amazing!!


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