Project Happiness 365: Day 61


The party last night was insane. We had so much fun. Three of us: my bestie,  him and me danced like crazy. We came back home all dead drunk. Life’s fun.

Day 61: Sun ☀
I saw the sun. It was beautiful.  Arctic sky is so spectacular these days. I took a lot of pictures on my way to work. Oh I had never cherished the sun like this before. Living in Tromsø has taught me to value every single moment of my life.  Just the realization that I am breathing and living is enough.
I admit I am truly happy.  It is not just being alive,  it’s being with loved ones and my precious friends makes this whole journey truly special.  There are things in my past that I am not proud of but life is for learning and improving. And I guess I am doing just that.
Here are some pictures I took today.





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