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Project Happiness 365: Day 83


For today:

“Present Tense”- Pearl Jam

Do you see the way that tree bends?
does it inspire?
Leaning out to catch the sun’s rays
a lesson to be applied
Are you getting something out of this all encompassing trip?
You can spend your time alone, redigesting past regrets, oh
Or you can come to terms and realize
you’re the only one who can’t forgive yourself, oh
Makes much more sense to live in the present tense.
Have you ideas on how this life ends?
Checked your hands and studied the lines
Have you the belief that the road ahead ascends off into the light?
Seems that needlessly it’s getting harder
to find an approach and a way to live
Are we getting something out of this all-encompassing trip?
You can spend your time alone redigesting past regrets, oh
Or an come to terms and realize
you’re the only one who cannot forgive yourself, oh
Makes much more sense to live in the present tense



Project Happiness 365: Day 82


I was quite frustrated today. You know, one of those days when you feel so bad about yourself.  I felt so lame. I ended up making things worse. So, I went out. Went to drink some coffee, try to relax and read a bit. It did help a lot. Chilling in my favorite café was very rejuvenating. 

Day 82: Walk through Graveyard

I took the longest way home. I went through the paths that I had never taken. I was unsure and felt lost at times but it was refreshing. 
Then, I went through the graveyard.  There was not a single soul around. The  lights and the ambience made the walk beautiful.  I contemplated on being alive and the inevitability of death.

I cried.  Then, I told myself that it’s okay to be overwhelmed and feel shitty sometimes. After all, in the end ‘Sabai thikai hunchha’ (Nepali for ‘Everything will be alright’).

Project Happiness 365: Day 80


Sun ☀

Tromsø weather has been particularly nice by sun everyday nowadays.

I don’t know how many days it will last but I am gonna enjoy these rare moments.  You learn a lot about cherishing the ‘now’ when you live in the extreme weather conditions of the northern Norway.

Sun rays make me happy.
A picture I took from the bus this afternoon…


Project Happiness 365: Day 79


I started working after two weeks and it felt good. But I was so lazy this morning. The thought of going to work was very depressing and I even told my bf that I wanna get a new job.
But he made amazing grilled cheese sandwich and everything was all good. Trust me, his grill cheese sandwiches, hot chocolate with cream on top and pancakes have the power to bring smile on my face.  😊

Day 79: Classical Art Memes
Oh, there is one more thing that makes me happy, laugh like crazy actually!  It is this page called Classical art memes on Facebook.  If you have not been following this page then, I totally recommend you to do it instantly. They give a twist to classical paintings with funny and witty captions.  They have a knack to tickle my funny bone. 😀
Here are some of my favorite memes.

Project Happiness 365: Day 78


It is a beautiful sunny day. Sun came back with all its glory today.  Of course I would not waste this day sitting at home.

I went to university. No friends were around. I went to get some tea but they played some shitty music at the café.  I felt so shitty suddenly. It was like I lost purpose of my life. Power of music, huh? So, I decided I should put on my headset and play my own music. I did and then things slowly fell back to place. I decided to come to city centre.

Since it’s a sunny day, a lot of people are out in sentrum,  enjoying the sun. The view looks magical.  Tromsø is indeed a beautiful city. Having the sun around is like a privilege because we have had so much of snow and dark days without sun. We cherish moments like these.

I am writing this post sitting in my new favorite restaurant in Tromsø called ‘Skirri‘. This place has one of the best views of Tromsø. They don’t have a good vegetarian menu but they have pretty good selection of homemade cakes.

They have a new barista making drinks today and I just tasted the best café latte I had ever tasted in Tromsø.  I kinda knew it when I saw him brew the espresso.  It was just amazing.

So, here I am enjoying the view and the coffee.

Life is good. 🙂


Project Happiness 365: Day 77


Doodling Fun
I have been making doodles on the book I am reading for a while now. Doodling has made me happy lately. I am making symbols, patterns and shapes. It’s pretty meditative.
I start doodling whenever and wherever I want. Last time I was sitting at a café when I suddenly felt like doodling. I took out my pencil and just started drawing. That spontaneity made me feel quite happy and I managed to come up with something I found interesting.
This book has 366 pages. If I can manage to make doodles for each page then, it will be like a 365 days project. But the difficult part is drawing everyday.
These days every time I am smoking and contemplating, I feel like I should draw more. I wonder if it’s just another phase or will I keep this up. Nevertheless, for now this is what makes me chill and relaxed. 😊

Project Happiness 365: Day 76


We walked through that magical path on our way to the bus. It was very different yet beautiful. The road was all icy and slippery. But the view was amazing. 
Every time I pass through that mysterious bus, I am reminded of the experience I had. We were waiting for the bus when I walked towards that vast land where it all started. It was a reminder of the lessons I learned that day.
We were listening to the same song on our headsets even though we were on two different sides of the road. When I looked at him across the path, I had very warm feeling.

Day 76: Revisiting the bus
That place will always have a special place in my heart. The view of the house in Lyfjord looks inviting from there. It feels like home to be there.

Project Happiness 365: Day 74


It’s so windy today. I was nearly blown away. We have been inside the house all day. I feel a bit tired today as well.

Day 74: Life is hard but still there is sunshine

Yes, it probably sounds a bit cliché but still I like to keep the faith and hope. So, here’s a picture from yesterday at the bus stop when sun lighted up the horizon and clouds look beautiful.