Project Happiness 365: Day 54


I am gonna make another post today to compensate for missing blog post yesterday (or posting late).  I have been quite melancholy today.  It might just be the hormones of my body going all crazy.  Yes, PMS!  I am trying to hang on there but I feel very lonely and sad.

Day 54: Fighting the monthly war

Those who go through this monthly ordeal, before the real shit begins, will understand what I am talking about.  PMSing is difficult and annoying. I go through mood swings,  melancholia,  anxiety, weakness, muscle and stomach cramps.  I don’t feel like talking and just wanna curl up in the corner and cry. I also feel very nostalgic and sad.  I miss being with my brother. He would always know what to do to make me feel better.  I didn’t even need to tell him what I am going through. When he knew that I am not feeling good,  he would make tea or get me some chocolates or cheese or cakes and cheer me up. I miss him every time I am sick. I don’t wanna bother anyone else because it doesn’t feel right.

I went out even though the weather was bad. Shouldn’t really call it bad but it was snowy and wet. But walking home was good.

I also tried taking a shower and drinking some green tea. I did some Mandala painting on this deco elephant. It turned out okay. But still the hint of sadness is there. Hopefully I will get back my groove.

Here’s what I made.



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