Project Happiness 365: Day 52


One lesson for today: ‘Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you.’
Think about it. Do you really wanna spend these days that could have been the best days of your life brooding over some petty stuff that won’t even matter in the long run?  I don’t!  That’s what I realized.

I don’t wanna spend ten more years of my life being sad about things that I can’t change. I also realized that no one has the power to make you sad unless you let them. You yourself are responsible for your happiness.
So, unlock that door that is preventing you from unleashing that treasure and be happy. You have only one life! 🙂

Day 52:  Sun, glorious sun
I finally saw the sun this morning.  “Oh! How good it is to see the sun.” Ø says so. 🙂
Here’s a picture that I took when I was running for the bus. I was excited like a kid because I finally managed to wake up early enough to catch a glimpse of the glorious sun.

Isn’t good to be alive in this beautiful world?



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