Project Happiness 365: Day 49


I had a super productive day. I managed to do the presentation despite sleeping for just an hour and half. I finished reading two articles, did some writings, had lunch with my classmates and met my super inspiring friend. I finally felt like being a Master’s student at a university. 🙂

I am finally reading seriously on Mandala art. It feels good to have some purpose in life. If you are interested in reading about Mandala art, here is a link.  It is quite fascinating because I had stopped drawing since a long time. I am starting all over again. When I walked on the streets of old Kathmandu and Patan, I could see artists just sitting outside their art/antique shops painting mandalas on a special cloth or canvas. Sadly, I never stopped to watch them work. I almost took it for granted. The next time when I go to Kathmandu, I know where to go. I will go to my favourite square and watch traditional artists paint thangka.

Now I feel like this is something I wanna do. So, I’m on it.

Day 49: My working cove

Since he moved out, the space where he used to work/play is empty. When I came home this evening, I was suddenly bitten by this cleanliness bug. So, I cleaned the whole place, folded clothes, moped the floor, changed sheets and arranged books. I cleared up the table of all the unnecessary stuffs piled up there and set up my working space.


So, this is how it looks now. I know it doesn’t look super organized but that’s how I am. It works. I started writing this post here.

I am listening to Ingrid Michaelson after a long time. She’s one of my favourite singers. Such a soothing voice! Her unplugged concert is almost minimalist with just ukulele and guitar accompanying her vocal. My most favourite songs are: Keep Breathing and The Chain. I think I have my own version of the chain with sound of rain in Kathmandu as percussion somewhere on my laptop. But I’m too embarrassed to actually share it with anyone else.  🙂

I am planning to get a bit more organized than before. I am looking forward to writing my thesis chapter. However, one thing I am really really really looking forward to is my summer holidays. This year I am planning to travel few places in Europe. There’s a possibility to backpack too. But I am not sure about it. I have started making a list of things I wanna do by the end of this year. My own bucketlist!

Oh it’s gonna be good!! Excited!!! 🙂


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  1. The chair is super comfy.
    I have been listening to Ingrid for quite some years now. I still keep coming back to her music again and again. Can’t seem to get enough. 🙂


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