Project Happiness 365: Day 48


This picture is doing rounds on Facebook.


It is not the first time I came across this picture/quote. But every time I read it, I realize how important it is to actually appreciate the ordinary. I think the problem begins when we do not appreciate what we have, we forget to enjoy the moment and we don’t care about the loved ones around us. Most of the times in our lives, we try to create magic and the quest is to make ourselves beyond average and live the extraordinary life.

However, the best things are actually all around us in little things we do and every day mundane things we see. Why do they even have so flat almost negative connotation to the word ‘mundane’? Mundane can be beautiful as well. The purpose of this project has been to find happiness in every day mundane things I do, see, experience. And I feel so glad that my eyes are finally open to see the beauty in every day things, my heart is receptive to all the good things life has to offer and my soul is happy.

I have never felt this good ever in my life…

Day 48: The story

I have been doodling quite a lot since three days. This is a Mandala inspired doodle I made this evening while I was sitting in a cafe reading. When one is forced to be in the moment, one experiences almost surreal experience that can hardly be expressed by words. Here’s my attempt to make sense of my extraordinary moment.



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