Project Happiness 365: Day 47


The castle of illusions that you had built in your mind comes tumbling down. It crashed into pieces brick by brick. You become sad. You don’t want it to break like that. It was so beautiful. How can that be?

But think about it. Wasn’t it good that it broke into pieces? Wasn’t it better that it crashed right now by a touch of reality? Wasn’t it great that you finally learnt that there’s no right or wrong? When it is an illusion… it is better it fell down before it destroyed you. One big storm and it would have crashed and hurt you along the way anyways.

Now the space is open and free again.  It worries that the space is empty again.

But think again. Does it matter?  It really doesn’t! Let it be vacant.

Nevertheless, it’s time to live through the devastation. It’s time to make use of all the lessons you have learnt, knowledge you have accumulated.It is time to build something beautiful truly. It is time to rethink everything…

Day 47: Rethink everything


P.S. This makes so much sense now! 🙂


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