Project Happiness 365: Day 46


Today I share two quotes from one of the books I read long time ago. A friend of mine visiting and volunteering at my brother’s school gifted me that book. It was quite an intense read for a 17 years old girl but still I liked it. It was philosophical. The ‘Messiah’ character was intriguing. The book is called “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach. 

“The world is your exercise book, the pages on which you do your sums. It is not reality, though you may express reality there if you wish. You are also free to write lies, or nonsense, or to tear the pages.”

“Remember where you came from, where you’re going, and why you created the mess you got yourself into in the first place. You’re going to die a horrible death, remember. It’s all good training, and you’ll enjoy it more if you keep the facts in mind. Take your dying with some seriousness, however. Laughing on the way to your execution is not generally understood by less-advanced life-forms, and they’ll call you crazy.”

Day 46: Trying to find the light

Last night I was down with cold and fever. It was funny because I missed eating Nepali food, so, I got up and made food for myself. I was so down but I still tried find some energy. And I managed. It seems like that is how it works. I am responsible for my own happiness. I light up some candles, put on some music and God! that forest looked beautiful.


Then, I started making crazy, funny snaps and sending on snapchat just to cheer my friends up. Here’s one of them.

Oh! it’s so much nice to make your friends and loved ones happy. I asked my flatmate, why is he always so chill and calm. He replied, ‘I just live by the principle that if I can compromise on somethings that makes my loved ones happy then, I just do that.’ This guy lives by it and his wife seems happy to be with him.

I read somewhere today that to truly love someone is to be able to be with them even when things go wrong, not just when it’s easy. I am trying to live by it and I hope it works.  🙂


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