Project Happiness 365: Day 44


What is happiness for you?

For me, happiness is …

…waking up and finding him sleeping next to me with his arms around me, telling me in his sleep that he loves me a lot.

It is listening to music, finding music I love, and drowning in it.

It is snuggling cozily in bed with a good book.

It is meeting friends, talking, drinking coffee and laughing our hearts out.

It is a warm hug, a pat on the back or a cute smile.

It is knowing that someone you love is proud of you.

It is going out, being dead drunk and dancing  your heart out.

It is smoking that puff with him in the middle of freezingly cold night, outside in the balcony watching the forest and northern lights.

It is my cloudwall and the beautiful crazy thoughts written on it.

It is sitting on that cozy couch in Lyfjord with a cup of cooked coffee and sound of fire crackling in the oven.

It is going for a walk in the woods with awesome music blaring on my headset.

It is midnight hot chocolate, brie with crackers and grapes or pancakes with brown cheese, blueberry jam and cream.

It is those tiny little moments which bring a smile on my face and serene look in my eyes.

Happiness is being alive, breathing and living in each moment. Happiness is all this and much more.

Day 44: Happiness is…

day 44

P.S. Yogi tea knows its shit! 😛 😉


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