Project Happiness 365: Day 43


Oh! it was a hectic day today. I didn’t even get a chance to take a breather. I was running from one place to another. I had classes, meetings, studying and it ended with a coffee with friend. It was with the same girl with bodyguards (they weren’t there today though 😛 !) It went okay.

Day 43: Shpongle

I have been listening to so much of Shpongle music today. What would I do if there was no music? Shpongle is like the highlight of the day. I was walking around everywhere with my headset and their music blasting on high volume. They are the British psychedelic band with the coolest psyche/trance/ambiant/tribal music ever. Their composition and ambiance takes you places. Bf introduced me to their music last year. I have been their biggest fan ever since.

Today I was walking back home. There was a hint of northern light in the sky. It grew stronger and stronger while this song was playing. I was in a trance. It was just awesome. That was all it took to make me calm and happy!

This song is called ‘Brain in a fish tank’.

“Break apart to build anew
Golden prisms rage on through
Holographic pyramids
Were seen behind closed eyelids”

Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me and my phone is in the service center. So, I have this shitty replacement phone that doesn’t have a good camera. But I had to take a picture anyways. Here it is.

The sun is coming back tomorrow. YAY! I’m excited!! 🙂

day 43



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