Project Happiness 365: Day 41


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am gonna miss polar nights. I have had far too many good memories since last year that I can’t say I hate polar nights anymore. Despite the topsy turvy sleep schedule and grumpy, energy less mode, I enjoyed the dark night-like days a lot this time. I was in the bus coming back home, I looked outside of the window, the city looked beautiful with all the lights.

Day 41: Fare thee well, polar nights! 

Three more days and the sun will be back. But I thought about it. We humans are so funny. We live here and now but we wish for something else. I had so many good moments and experiences. Best of them were with my bf and my friends. But still I was focusing on all the bad things instead of enjoying the present as much as I could. I was weak and energy less and sleeping all day but still, there was a beauty in the darkness.

Most of all, polar nights taught me patience. It taught me the value of enjoying the darkness because it is just another side of the same coin. It taught me the value of waiting for the sun. I have been much better this year. I think next year if I am still here I am gonna enjoy polar nights to the fullest.

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So, here’s to the dark days and nights when forest looked hauntingly beautiful and my room was amazingly cozy with candlelight and music,  to northern lights and snow and winter wonderland, to this unique city where darkness and light are playing a tug of war, to this city I call home, to polar nights…


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  1. “We live here and now but we wish for something else”

    This is so true. How many times do we say, “I’ll do that when I have time” or “Someday, whenever I I’ll”. Or those times when I say “I was so happy back then..”

    But in the now, I don’t know how I feel. Even though NOW will someday be the day I look back upon fondly.

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  2. That was nicely put. I agree, I fondly remember a lot of moments from the past and sometimes day dream about the future (which is getting less and less with each passing day now) but still not being here and especially, not appreciating what we have now is kinda sad, no?


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