Project Happiness 365: Day 40


The last semester of my studies starts from tomorrow. How time flies! It feels like yesterday I traveled from Nepal. It’s already almost two years. My friend wanted to go out drinking last night before we buckle up with our intense new semester and thesis writing. I asked my other friend to join. I felt like she needed that after the healing. So, we went out drinking. I met my archenemy but something amazing happened. I wasn’t annoyed by her existence. I was calm and I just enjoyed my time. I think that’s one step closer to being human. 😛

We went dancing. I hadn’t danced like that in ages. It was like letting go of everything holding me back.  We were a small group of friends dancing our hearts out in a corner of the lounge.

I met this nice girl who I shared my drink with. We were just dancing and talking. We weren’t talking about anything intense but it was just the ambiance and mood of the place that made everything beautiful. She had two bodyguards (LOL, they really were like bodyguards, big bulky guys) protecting her. They questioned my intention even though she came to speak to me first. I, however, managed to get past their scrutiny by being my usual nice self. By the end of the night, they were hugging me saying I was super nice and will be a good friend for that girl. (whatever that meant, LOL!) It was like a scene straight out of some movie. She wasn’t the princess type though, it was just that they were the first and only friends she had here. She told me she had quite bad experiences with people here and she was amazed to find a friendly person at last.  I was flattered. We hit it off by the end and exchanged our numbers. This morning I woke up to find a text from her saying she wants to cook dinner for me tonight. That was nice. I wish I could go but I have to write this damn chapter. I’m not even half done, I’m screwed big time.

Day 40: For friendship


This picture was taken in Riddu Riđđu festival 2015 during my fieldwork for my project. We made this by the stream near our camping area. This picture reminds me of the new friendships and profound connections we managed to build. Bf always says that the worst thing that he can think of is losing friendship. I agree completely with him. I finally managed to make some real friends.  I doubted people’s intention when they were nice to me because I have had so many bad experiences with friendship. The lesson I learnt yesterday is friendship is precious. I will try to be a good friend from now on. I cherish good friendship. I am quite fortunate because bf is one of my best friends. I love this friendship more than anything else.

So, today’s post is dedicated to my friends and our friendship. I express my gratitude for believing in me, being there for me and loving me the way I am. Thank you,  my wonderful friends! 🙂



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