Project Happiness 365: Day 35


Happy Birthday to my favourite author Haruki Murakami!

It’s been many years since I started reading Murakami’s novels. The first time I heard about him was through an article in one of the national Nepali newspapers. He was listed among the best authors of that year. His name somehow got stuck in my head. The next time I was at my favourite second hand book store, my eyes were unconsciously searching for his books. Voila! I found a fresh copy of Norwegian Wood stacked among tattered old books in one of the bookshelves. After that, there was no turning back.

If you have been reading Murakami then, you know his writings have mystical sense in it. There is a very thin boundary between being awake and asleep, reality and illusions, past and present, and good and evil. All these spaces kinda merges and by the time, you finish reading his books, you find yourself questioning what is true and where did the boundary go. You find yourself submerged in this dreamlike reality he has created, where there is no ultimate truth.

I like how he describes every events in intricate details.  His books always discuss specific artists, bands or certain genre of music.  They are often embedded within the story and they provide a lot of depth to the story. Much of my musical knowledge has expanded because of his books. The funniest thing I have experienced recently after I started reading Kafka on the shore is that I have developed affection towards cats. I was never a cat person. 😛 Of course, there are times when I wish I could read his original books in Japanese. But I count myself lucky enough to be able to read his spellbinding creations. Thanks to the amazing translators Jay Rubin and Philip Gabriel!

Day 35: For Mr. Murakami

There is a reason why I love Murakami. His novels have been there in every ups and downs of my life. After I ran away from home, I was in this transitional phase where I was struggling to earn my living and make a new life, that was when I found Norwegian Woods. Then, there came ‘Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman’, ‘Sputnik Sweetheart‘ and ‘South of Border, West of Sun‘ to help me survive. When I was connecting and building a strong bond with my bestie, she gifted me ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’. My 28th Birthday brought another major traumatic turn in my life, and there was ‘Birthday Stories‘ to help me through.  When I finally had the courage to move on and step into a new phase of my life, there was ‘1Q84‘, a big bulky three volumes-in-one book. Surprisingly, I never finished reading that book. I moved to Tromso and the first book I ever gifted my boyfriend was ‘Norwegian Wood’ of course. However, after so much of ups and downs, I suffered a major reading crisis and I couldn’t finish a single book I started. If you remember, I even posted a rant post about my unfinished books in this blog.

day 35

Then, ‘Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage’ came right on time to my rescue. It was the first book I managed to finish after more than a year of hiatus. I’m very thankful to this book because it brought back the joy of reading in my life. The plot of that book was so intriguing and so well written that I sat on a sofa for three whole hours reading 100 pages at once. I was overwhelmed with emotion because when I lost my motivation to read, a part of my existence became empty. I was reading this book like a maniac. I was ecstatic when I finally finished that book. The book also had reference to composers that I simply adore now: Franz Liszt, Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert.  This picture is from the day when I started reading that book.

If there is one writer that has touched my life so profoundly, it has to be Haruki Murakami. So, today I dedicate this post to Murakami and his books for giving me much needed company and meaning to my life. Thank you Mr. Murakami for being such a genius and touching so many lives with your words! Cheers to your amazing existence!!


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