Project Happiness 365: Day 34


Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘Eat, pray, love’ posted a quote by Rudy Francisco on her Facebook page. It says: ‘Instead of asking why they left, now I ask, what beauty will I create in the space they no longer occupy?’ Such a thought provoking quote. This is something we all should keep in our minds. Losing the ones we love is never easy but instead of dwelling on whys and hows, we should actually think of the lessons learnt and the path that is to be taken from thereon.

Day 34: A reminder

Since a couple of days, I had been walking down the memory lane. I have been rethinking everything I have been through. All the risks I have taken, all the unruly difficult paths I have wandered and all the choices I have made. I had a pang of guilt, just  a bit. I realized I have done something wrong. Just because someone treated me unjustly and broke my trust, did not mean that I had to go on all revenge mode. I felt bad for losing my integrity even for a flickering moment. I had a choice and I feel like I wasted it by clouding my judgement with anger. I am not the one to regret. I am here because of all the choices I made then. I am glad for who I am today.

I had a talk with a friend this afternoon. She shared her story in detail for the first time. 5 hours of conversation and I realized how strong of a person we are and how blessed we are to have gone through what we went through in life.

I have a finger band tattoo. It is very simple and  subtle. At a first glance, you won’t even notice it. It is a half ring on my wedding finger.  When I got it, I thought that I would not have to get a wedding ring from anyone else. 😛 But it’s more about who I am, it’s very discreet yet powerful.


Today I share the picture of my tattoo. It is the picture from the day I got inked.  It makes me happy to think that I went through the pain of getting inked on my finger. This tattoo is a reminder of my experiences, my struggle, my strength and my integrity.



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