Project Happiness 365: Day 32


It has been quite a disheveled day. Got back to work after two weeks of holiday. So, still in daze after seven working hours with just 5 hours of sleep and on top of that I had to walk home. But still I am in a lighthearted, fun mood.

Day 32: Beautiful arctic sky

I really love the sky in Tromsø. These days in particular, the sky is lighted up in vivid color. I have been waking up quite late so, I haven’t had a chance to fully enjoy the beautiful skyscape during winter. But I can see the whole landscape colored in pink/orange color when I open my eyes and look out of the window in the afternoon.

Arctic sky is pretty special whether it’s the midnight sun or the polar night. There’s always something spellbinding going on. Even though it’s still polar nights, we are lucky enough to witness a spectacular show of colors in the sky. Sun will come back on 21 January here in Tromsø but until then we will be blessed with hint of sun lighting up the whole horizon into beautiful shades of pink and orange. This makes the wait for the sun worthwhile.

Last year I did a photograph series called ‘Chasing the sun in arctic north’ on Facebook and Instagram. It was really fun. This year I have been quite lazy so, I haven’t been able to wake up early and take pictures. But here are some picture from my archive. Enjoy:)

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