Project Happiness 365: Day 30


Before I came to Tromsø,  I met a fortune teller. He predicted that I am about to embark on a journey that is going to be profoundly enlightening. He said that I was a person chosen for an unusual life path, different from others. So, for major part of my life, he added that I had to go through a difficult journey but I am soon getting there. It was a weird day because few minutes before I met him I nearly got hit by a bus.
I got into University of Tromsø after few months and then I met my bf. It’s been a year and so much has happened.  I am on a journey to know the world within and outside me. I feel like a completely different person. There are still traces of the previous messed up me that comes out sometimes but I feel completely different, in a good way.

Day 30: Coloring Mandalas
I have been coloring these Mandalas for a couple of months now. When I began,  it was just filling blocks and blocks of colors into different shapes. But now it is getting more delicate and intense. I am drawing lines within lines and using symbols instead of just colors. I can actually feel the change that is going on within those Mandalas and inside me.

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Today in particular, after I finished coloring one of the Mandalas, I had one more spiritual experience. I cannot describe it in words. I am in a calm state of mind and I feel like I am floating. Oh! I even managed to meditate for a long time. I don’t know what got me into that state but something happened.  We both tapped and synced into this feeling of peace and well being.
This has been a very special experience.


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