Project Happiness 365: Day 29


Ever since I started this project, I have become so calm, attentive and curious. There is always something to look forward to everyday. Everything around me seems new. I am excited to take pictures and post about the thing that has given me happiness.  Even a single ounce of happiness makes me grateful for being alive.  I needed this.

It’s boring to not find beauty in each moments you live. It is very selfish to not be able to count the blessings:  the blessings in the form of people you love or in the form of each passing second you are breathing and living. Few days ago I was so desperate.  Desperately trying to get my life together.  Praying that a miracle would happen. Hoping that everything that happened was a nightmare and I will be awake soon back to my normal life where I have not lost my precious.
Things happen you know!   As Ingrid Michaelson sings ‘All we can do is keep breathing’. I am glad for all the tests that I had to get through.

Day 29: He reads for me
Have you had the pleasure of having someone read to you aloud? It is probably the best gift you have ever received. One of the first things we did ever since we have been together is reading aloud for each other. Most of the times, it is him reading. We started with Carl Jung’s ‘Memories, dreams,  reflections’ which we are still reading.  I love reading and I am lucky enough to have someone who loves reading aloud for me.

This morning was rejuvenating.  We meditated and then he offered to read ‘Man’s search for meaning ‘. I was more than happy because I love listening to him read. His voice is my favorite sound. Call me lovesick,  but it’s true. I love listening to his voice. Especially when he reads poetry, I am spellbound.
Little pleasures like these are precious memories you make together. If you truly want to give something to someone you love,  give them your time, read for them, cook for them, go for a walk, sing, dance, laugh and make moments like these. It’s far more precious than any material gift you can ever gift. 💓


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