Project Happiness 365: Day 26


Last night was a blast. The new Star Wars movie was a major letdown.  It kinda crushed the experiences of previous movies. But going to that nepali restaurant was cool. And I loved the time with friends. We went to a get-together with a friends of a close friend. We drank so much.

Day 26: New year, new experience
I met some cool people yesterday. The best thing was  the walk with the coolest dog and two girls I met at the party. We were walking on the middle of night on the streets of Oslo with a dog, drinking wine straight from the bottle, laughing and singing.  I was even speaking Norwegian.
M, the funny girl, who was making me laugh constantly, said she had not made this kinda connection with anyone in a long time. I felt the same.  She also told me that it might feel that everything is shitty and bad today but I will meet so many people in life that will share magical moments with me and that everything happens for a reason.




I feel good. I might be sad sometimes but I have a good feeling.  Somehow I realized that the experiences I have till now has made me into a strong person.  I did not know I was this strong. And also I didn’t know I could love anyone like this. It really gives you a lot of strength no matter how cheesy it might seem. 😊


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