Project Happiness 365 :Day 22


It’s raining today and quite cold. One more family dinner coming up. But I am not gonna dwell on that.

Day 22: Three things

There are three things that made me happy today.
First I woke up to find this outside of the house.  Little sister drew a heart and put bf’s and my names on it. It was a cute gesture. 


Second we went to the store to buy more gifts. We went to a bookstore and I found a book by a Japanese author I really wanted to read a friend of mine gave a raving review about the author. So, I had to buy it. I am really looking forward to reading it. 

Last and the most hilarious one was finding this puzzle game with Shahrukh Khan, a bollywood actor on it. I just burst into laughter when I saw it. Bollywood bollywood everywhere. 



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