Project Happiness 365: Day 21


It’s one of those days when you don’t know what is going on with people around you but something is not right. But you can do nothing about it.  You get carried away with their feelings yet it seems like it’s your fault somehow. I am trying not to be affected by other people’s PMS but it seems difficult when you are in the same sphere.  After all these social humdrum for so many days now, I long for some quiet time in my room. I miss the routine I had managed to make and the music.  Nevertheless I am still trying to soak into good vibes because I really like these people,  they are really nice. 

Day 21: The Walk
The highlight of the day was the walk I had with bf n little sister to Kalvøya. It is a small island in Bærum kommune,  the place where my boyfriend’s family live. It was late evening and the light of dusk was beautiful shades of orange and purple. The two of them were running around,  jumping, climbing and having fun in general.  I was just soaking into the moment and taking pictures. 




The walk ended up with the quick detour to Café for a cup of hot chocolate with cream on top. Little sister loved it. I loved how the color of the pictures turned out to be. My favorite one among these pictures is the picture of the bridge.


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