Project Happiness 365 :Day 19


This is going to be very quick post.  I am in the middle of another party. But I have to keep my promise. 

Day 19: Waking up to a snowy wonderland
So, the reason for my happiness today is this!


It was all green and sunny here. There was a rumor of snow.  But we were scared if it’s gonna be no snow at all. Finally it did snow.
When I woke up this morning ,  the whole place looked like beautiful white paradise. I was so happy.  We came to his mother’s house yesterday. So, I got to meet my soulmate: his mother and laughing partner: little sister.
We went on a walk through the snowy forest for a quick visit to the store with little sister.  It was so much fun.
So, world around me is beautiful white and we are still celebrating Christmas.  😊 happiness overload!


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