Project Happiness 365: Day 18


It’s funny because I am in the middle of a very social gathering. The Christmas dinner at his stepfather’s stepmother’s family. It’s nice, posh and getting more informal with each glass of wine. But that’s how it is. People lose their inhibition and become more open. 

Day 18: For new bonds
It was a nice time at his father’s home.  And I got a chance to discover them and to bond with his father’s family.  They visited us in tromsø in summer but it was short. But this time we spent three days there so,  we got ample chance to know and bond with them.



I had a great time.  His father is a very wonderful person, very open and intelligent.  I had a very special bond with his little sister. We don’t understand each other’s language but we had a beautiful non-verbal communication. She tried to learn English and I tried talk to her in Norwegian but we ended up smiling and just giggling at each other. But we still managed to have a rather special bond.
The first picture is him playing with his little sister. It was a beautiful moment I managed to capture.
The second picture is of this ‘Frozen’ coloring roll she got as a Christmas present. We helped her color it and it was a fun time. Ya, and I taught her to say Fun. She’s the cutest.  Come to think of it, you actually bond with people in many levels. And it really doesn’t matter if you know the language or not. My bond with the little sister is a perfect example of it. But still I would love to learn Norwegian and speak to her. So, the picture today is for the new beautiful bond I managed to build.  😊


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