Project Happiness 365: Day 17


It’s been very hectic day. We celebrated Christmas eve with his father’s family. It was cozy and quiet. The Christmas dinner was amazing. I got to try some delicious norwegian Christmas food. I am not much of a fan of meat nowadays but all in all it was good.

Gift exchange was nice. I like the gesture more than the gift itself. And it is very much fun for kids. They love getting and opening gifts. So, little sister was ecstatic. She is one of the calmest kids I have ever seen. Her parents travel around with her and she doesn’t make a fuss. Very easygoing and happy kid. But festivals are always more fun for kids.

Day 17: He knows me the Best!

I got another cool gift. He is so good at finding what I like. I wanted a book that I could read a page or two every morning. It is an awesome compilation of quotes and instances that define nerd culture. It has a quote -a page ranging from Sheldon Cooper to Issac Asimov. It’s exactly the book I was looking for. That’s the snapchat picture. Happy! 😊


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