Project Happiness 365: Day 10


I’m drunk. I’m so fucking drunk. I could have waited until tomorrow to post but I did not want to.  I just had to post right now. I guess that’s what drunk people do. Do whatever they want, right at the moment without giving a second thought. But I don’t think I will regret this post because it’s straight from my liver (as bf would have said). I will probably sound stupid and this post will have so much spelling and grammar errors. But I don’t care. Trust me though, when I say this is not a drunk rant. I promise!

I was working 7 hours today or rather yesterday. My bestie called and asked if I wanted to hang out. I almost had a second thought because I have to work tomorrow but I thought: ‘What the heck, I have nothing to lose. I will just sleep more tomorrow!’ I am not much of a party animal. Anyways, I went out. And we almost went bar hopping hahahha! We ended up in this other bar where people were really having fun as in F-U-N. They were playing some cool (read christmas! :P) music, drinking and DANCING. Oh it was sooo cool to see people dance. My bestie was right, it was so good to see people dance. I always love when my bf dances, he just dances funny but he looks so good when he dances. Oh! I’m head over heels in love with this guy. Never been in love like this before! ❤

Day 10: Walking home…Drunk!

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It was 2 am. DJs turned off the music, lights were on, bartenders suddenly became cleaning people putting up papers in the toilets and it was time to go home. I rarely go out. My idea of going out is not about getting drunk, acting stupid, hooking up or throwing up in the corner. I hate one night stands. It’s more about getting drunk, talking about things outside of your comfort zone with people you would rarely bond with, watch people let go, get drunk and dance/sing their hearts out and walk back home with a great music on my headset.

That’s exactly what I did. I walked home because the last bus was gone. It’s like 20 minutes walk but today was the first time I wished the night never ended and the walk would go on and on and on. I had mixed feelings. Here I was in this unknown city all alone in the middle of the night, walking to this tiny dorm room that I call home. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of night tromso but I also had the feeling of being this human being who doesn’t know where she is headed.

Have you heard this song called ‘Life is hard’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes? Oh! if you haven’t then, you should. Right now! It’s like the mantra of my life. That song was playing on my headset on repeat. It just makes so much sense. ‘Come celebrate, life is hard!’ Indeed. All those decisions that I have made in my life that has brought me to this point, was it all worth it? It definitely was. I am happy. For the first time in my life, I am free without having to answer anyone for my actions, of my decisions. I was so full of emotions that I was singing, walking on the middle of the road, taking pictures, making snap stories, crying, laughing to myself and lying on the snow.  Life is hard. And sometimes I’m in the depth of despair, as Anne of Green Gables would have said. But I’m a survivor. Always! I’m gonna celebrate life, even if it’s hard.

Drunk walk home alone is fucking awesome! 🙂


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    • Thanks! I hadn’t drank in like 5 months and last time I was out, I sat there drinking tea at a bar in the middle of the night! And it was awkward fun! But the last time I felt like drinking and I did. It is fun. 😊

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