Project Happiness 365: Day 9


You won’t believe it! I slept for 12 hours straight. I feel so relaxed. I even managed to meditate while listening to this cool guy Jai Uttal sing some Hindu devotional songs. I usually don’t listen to devotional music, I prefer Tibetan chants. But he has a nice voice, a funky way of singing  and the composition is quite catchy and calming.

Tromsø looks beautiful today. I went to the balcony on the other side with my coffee and stood there admiring the beauty of this amazing place. Oh! you have to see this picture I took.

Beautiful Tromso

Yesterday it was quite stressful and sad but I slept with a hope that tomorrow it will be fine. I have this habit of sleeping the stress away. Ever since I was a kid every time things went intensely difficult, I would just go take a nap. Sleeping gets difficult when you are stressed out but still if you manage, it helps. Also when day becomes particularly difficult, I feel like it will pass. Nothing lasts forever, not even stress.

Day 9: A Candlous Affair 😉

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I am a hopeless romantic. I admit! I love candle lights, good music and good ambiance. I am so thankful that Norwegians share my love for candles. This gives me ample opportunity to buy unique candles and candle holders. Yesterday, for instance, when I visited this second hand store, I found this really nice vintage candle holder with a delicate metal carving. The other day, I bought candles that look like mushroom. It created a crater like a volcano and burned slowly yet intensely. I put it inside a glass that had a crisscross pattern and when the candle burned, a Mandala patterned shadow formed (see picture).  It was so much fun to see it burning.

One of the perks of polar night is you can burn candles whenever you want and create a calming mood. That is not possible during midnight sun when it’s always light outside. Scented candles aren’t that much of my favourite but I don’t mind occasional aroma of lavender or rose in my room. The cafes and restaurants in Tromso also try to create a nice atmosphere by putting up candles. I love this Norwegian concept of koselig . They nail it with this one! In long dark winters  when things go really depressing, trying to cheer yourself up by turning off the light, putting up several candles and playing some soothing music always helps.  So, after the almost bluesy post of yesterday, I give you this soothing calm post with pictures of candles. Hope the trick works for you as well 🙂


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    • Thank you! You should get some for yourself. 😊
      And yes thank you for your comments yesterday. It helped me get through the day. At times like these, I feel so glad I am writing my blog.
      About the sleeping habit, I hope it lasts. Remember last time? 2 days of sleep and then no sleep at all. Hahaha!
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Have a great day! 😊


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