Project Happiness 365: Day 6


Tromsø is showing its true color today. There’s a huge snow storm. Even 3 minutes of walk home from the bus stop was like climbing Mt. Everest. But anyways, I had quite a long day today. I slept only two hour. I think this lack of sleep is taking its toll on my skin and I have breakouts all over my face. I’m trying to fix them with my trusted homemade face masks. Hopefully it will be better in a few days.

I have always been a forest and mountain person. My room faces this beautiful Norwegian wood. A lot of people living on this side of student house complain about the view but I don’t. I’m not that fan of water bodies so, I don’t really care about the sea view on the other side. If I want, I can just go, stand on the balcony and savour the view. I remember my reaction when I first entered this room with a friend. I was crying with joy because my room overlooked beautiful green forest.

Day 6: In love with the forest


One of the places where I find solace during polar nights is this forest. Those tiny trail lights and shadows forming spectacular maze make the forest look eerily beautiful at night. I took this picture during last year’s polar night. I was living alone. I loved taking pictures of the forest because the combination of light and darkness made the pictures quite intense. There’s something about this forest that calms my mind. Sometimes I am lucky and I can even see northern light slowly dancing its way from somewhere behind those trees. Sometimes I just open my window and stand there watching the silent forest not caring about the cold chilling my spine.  Sometimes he joins me, puts his arms around me and we watch the view together. Those are one of the most precious moments I have shared with him. Then, everything about this life seems worth living. 🙂


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