Project Happiness 365: Day 4


I woke up this morning with the thought of Kathmandu.

The city where I spent almost 8 years of my life. The city where I realized my own strength, my weakness, my power and my limitations. The city that taught me to be independent, fierce, uncompromising and dreamer. The city that taught me that it’s okay to sit in the corner of one of the temples and cry all alone,  on one of those evenings, overwhelmed by despair and frustration. The city where I met the warmhearted angels and also faced the vicious demons. The city where I learnt that reality and illusion are two sides of the same coin. What you see is in fact the matter of your own perspective!

Kathmandu is not my birthplace. But it’s my Karma place (as Nepalis would say), the place where you work, where you fulfill your duties, where you realize your dreams and where you attempt to build a home.

It’s funny when I say homesick, it’s actually my longing for Kathmandu. Despite its ugliness and pollution, both external and internal, that makes me sick to my stomach, I miss that place so much.

I miss walking through the early morning crowd of Ason. I miss Pemba and Sabina running towards me screaming ‘Didi’ and hugging me every time they saw me in Basantapur. I miss the aroma of my favourite tea in that tiny cozy Organic cafe. Sayan knew exactly what I wanted each day I went there: Milk tea with ginger and an organic goat cheese sandwich or a chocolate croissant.  I miss those beautiful latte art Ranjit dai or Bijay made to cheer me up every time I was tired or down while working with them in Magic Beans. I miss pretending we were pro barista, joking around making mock videos of latte art on our phones. I miss going to Osho Bajey’s second hand book store. Moreover, I miss his warm smile and a humble Namaste every time walked past his store in Thamel. I miss roaming aimlessly around Durbar Square all alone or with my dear ones. I miss drinking evening black tea at Pasang Didi’s place with friends, watching artists draw the city square, listening to boys play guitar and sing their hearts out,  and watching life slowly slip away in the noise of hundreds of people walking by.

Day 4: Kathmandu: Clouds catching fire

I was learning photography with my ex. We had a DSLR camera and we roamed around taking pictures. At the same time, I also liked taking pictures with my crappy old mobile. Somehow it still managed to capture beautiful moments. I used to joke with him saying that I can take a better composed picture with my crappy mobile than him with that DSLR. 😀


Today I stumbled upon this picture early morning on Facebook. This picture is one of such moments captured by my mobile cam. I took it some 3 years ago. You can see the silhouette of the temples and buildings in Basantapur Durbar Square. The pagoda temple seen in this picture is no longer there. The devastating earthquake that hit Nepal recently took that temple away. So, this picture is sort of a memory now. The evening sky of Kathmandu is truly beautiful. Like this one, when the sun is about to set in the horizon  the whole sky is lighted up in its radiant orangeness. I call it ‘clouds catching fire’. And this picture, my friends, is the reason for my happiness on this day because its a reminder of the bittersweet stories of my life in Kathmandu.


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