Ranting about my unfinished books


I call myself an avid book reader, a bookworm. I bought books like crazy even when I was almost broke and read like a maniac. For me, pulling an allnighter to finish a book used to be as normal as drinking coffee in the morning. Did you notice the past tense there? Yes, it’s like something from distant past now because I have somehow lost that ability. Not only have I become a slow reader but also I can no longer finish a book.

libraryI still buy books like crazy though. It’s crazy because Norway is so expensive, yet I manage to buy books almost every other week. The books are piling up. Every time I buy a new book, few pages are read and then, they get into my shelf never to be back in my hands again. I look at them longingly and imagine someday soon I will finish reading them. But it’s been almost one year since I have been accumulating books. They never seem to find their ways back.

I remember before coming to Norway, I was reading these two books called ‘Night train to Lisbon’ and ‘The Book Thief”. I couldn’t bring both those books while I was travelling and hence, they were left unfinished. The story of unfinished books begins from here. I came to Norway and I went to a housemate’s room. She had this book called ‘A History of Love’. I borrowed it from her and started reading it. After almost 50 pages, I could read no more. I tried re-reading it with my boyfriend on a cabin trip but I never managed to finish it. Then, I started reading Ishiguro’s ‘Never Let me Go’. I had already made a huge mistake of watching the movie so it ruined my experience. All I could think of was Keira Knightley and that guy from Spiderman. So, that one went to the shelf too. It’s not that those books are boring and couldn’t catch my attention. It’s just that after reading few pages, I literally stop. I cannot move on.

tsundokuI was going through wordporn page on facebook when I found a perfect word for me.  It’s a Japanese word with no English translation and it is called ‘Tsundoku’. It roughly translates to buying books and not reading, letting them pile up. 😀 Isn’t that my word? 😉

I bought some of the books by Haruki Murakami that I hadn’t read, Orhan Pamuk, Coelho, Bukwoski and the list goes on and on and on. Amazing, interesting books that have always been on my wishlist. But after first few pages, I can’t continue reading. It’s mind boggling. I just can’t understand why I can’t finish a book anymore. It’s like everything else in my life, I’m stuck. Stuck between the pages. Stuck between the pauses. STUCK!

1795658_1030521830292231_96039548713341800_nI still have hope though. Someday I will finish reading everything. I will get back that passion to read my books again. Until then, all I can do is look at them longingly and be happy by their presence in my room. Even though I don’t read them, they do brighten up my day. The colorful cover and those text titles they do add some positivity to my life.  🙂


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