Funny shits my bf says in his sleep #1


My boyfriend is quite a talker when he is sleeping. He says some really weird, funny and interesting shits when we are sleeping. I sleep like a dog so,I wake up as soon as I hear a sound. I hear whatever he says in his dreams. I remember most of the things he has said in his sleep. 😉 I am thinking of having a series of things he says on my blog.

This one is from the early days when we just begun dating. He was sleeping at my place. I have a tiny bed and we hardly fit in. In the middle of the night, I woke up and found myself slipping out of the bed. He was pushing me out. So, I gently nudged him and said: ‘Hey Ø! can you move a bit? I am falling’ And he was like: ‘Uh Huh!‘ but he didn’t budge a bit. Then I nudge him a bit harder this time and say: ‘Hey move a bit, I am falling.‘ Then he says the funniest thing with a smile in his face: ‘Oh! but it’s so much fun to fall.’ Of course he didn’t move a bit and I had sleep on the other side. And when I told him what he said the next morning, he didn’t remember anything.



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