Little Abode


The sun never sets in Tromso anymore. There is no spring either. Thoughts of spring back home makes my heart flutter. Here in Tromso, however, snow is still ruling with all its glory. I think among everything else in this earth, snow is the most reluctant one to say goodbye. It is taking forever to go away. It’s so good to see sun shining. I don’t have the view of the mountain and the sea but I can see forest slowly turning green again. I can’t believe I survived those long dark polar nights where there was no sun and almost no light either. It was really difficult for someone who hates darkness but I survived.

My dorm room is interesting. For a long time after I moved here I had no desire to do any decorations. The white tapestry and photographs on the wall were enough to keep things going. I remember when I was in Kathmandu I used to buy so much stuffs esp. books and antiques. When I moved to Norway, I had to leave most of my precious belongings behind and that just broke my heart. So for a long time, I had no heart to buy and collect anything. But after all these months, I finally feel like buying some deco stuffs for my room. I started with the design papers and made clouds on my wall where people could write their thoughts. Now I have all sorts of cute, odd things around my room. My boyfriend has an amazing taste when it comes to room deco and I love what he chooses for our room 😉 Both of us hate shopping but if it is shopping for things for the room we are like extra enthusiastic. 😀 I buy books. I in fact love buying books. Having books around is always comforting although I don’t read much these days. After all the mantra is making your abode cozy I guess.

Here are some pictures! 🙂


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