Welcome to my floating universe!

New ray of hope

New ray of hope

Just like my life, I’m starting fresh with my blog. I deleted my old blog. It was difficult but I thought those words, those stories that are now encrypted on the pages of my blog will always haunt me if I don’t delete them. I wish I could do that with my memory as well. I almost did that the last time when I went through a catastrophic event of my life. But in the process, I made cracks and holes in my amazing memory. I don’t remember a lot of the things that happened during those 6 years. For e.g. when I watch a movie that I have already watched during that time, I am like: ‘Oh that movie is amazing!’ But when it starts playing, I am dumbfounded. I remember almost nothing which is good in a way. I can watch the movie again without feeling bored. There are fragments of memories here and there. It’s like an old printed photograph that just fades away with time.

I want this blog to be something I will never have to delete and forget. I want it to be the archive of all the bitter sweet experiences that I am experiencing with my floating partner. 🙂 I want this blog to be a witness of everything I am going through while I am trying to find myself in this big void universe.


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