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Funny shits my bf says in his sleep #1


My boyfriend is quite a talker when he is sleeping. He says some really weird, funny and interesting shits when we are sleeping. I sleep like a dog so,I wake up as soon as I hear a sound. I hear whatever he says in his dreams. I remember most of the things he has said in his sleep. 😉 I am thinking of having a series of things he says on my blog.

This one is from the early days when we just begun dating. He was sleeping at my place. I have a tiny bed and we hardly fit in. In the middle of the night, I woke up and found myself slipping out of the bed. He was pushing me out. So, I gently nudged him and said: ‘Hey Ø! can you move a bit? I am falling’ And he was like: ‘Uh Huh!‘ but he didn’t budge a bit. Then I nudge him a bit harder this time and say: ‘Hey move a bit, I am falling.‘ Then he says the funniest thing with a smile in his face: ‘Oh! but it’s so much fun to fall.’ Of course he didn’t move a bit and I had sleep on the other side. And when I told him what he said the next morning, he didn’t remember anything.



Little Abode


The sun never sets in Tromso anymore. There is no spring either. Thoughts of spring back home makes my heart flutter. Here in Tromso, however, snow is still ruling with all its glory. I think among everything else in this earth, snow is the most reluctant one to say goodbye. It is taking forever to go away. It’s so good to see sun shining. I don’t have the view of the mountain and the sea but I can see forest slowly turning green again. I can’t believe I survived those long dark polar nights where there was no sun and almost no light either. It was really difficult for someone who hates darkness but I survived.

My dorm room is interesting. For a long time after I moved here I had no desire to do any decorations. The white tapestry and photographs on the wall were enough to keep things going. I remember when I was in Kathmandu I used to buy so much stuffs esp. books and antiques. When I moved to Norway, I had to leave most of my precious belongings behind and that just broke my heart. So for a long time, I had no heart to buy and collect anything. But after all these months, I finally feel like buying some deco stuffs for my room. I started with the design papers and made clouds on my wall where people could write their thoughts. Now I have all sorts of cute, odd things around my room. My boyfriend has an amazing taste when it comes to room deco and I love what he chooses for our room 😉 Both of us hate shopping but if it is shopping for things for the room we are like extra enthusiastic. 😀 I buy books. I in fact love buying books. Having books around is always comforting although I don’t read much these days. After all the mantra is making your abode cozy I guess.

Here are some pictures! 🙂



Kathmandu, you are in my thoughts and dreams. Ever since I heard about the destruction by the earthquake I have been dreaming about Kathmandu every single night. It’s not that I didn’t dream about Kathmandu before but now the intensity of dream is too high.

For the last 8 years since I ran away from home until I moved to Norway last August, Kathmandu has been my home. Basantapur Durbar Square was where I spent most of my mornings and evenings. I spent time drinking tea in Pasang didi’s chiya pasal, contemplated life sitting on the stairs of hippie temple (Maju Dewal), met friends, roamed around like a nomad, I also spent many late evenings feeling depressed and crying alone in the dark in front of Nautale Durbar. 😦 It always gave me strength. After crying to myself, I would convince myself that these dark phases will pass and I will walk happy again. Basantapur had that power to give me so much strength and positive energy.

Now that it stands there destructed, the images I see on facebook and news just breaks my heart. I feel helpless. I only wish that I could give it much needed strength and be there the way it had been with me. Going through these pictures I question myself: ‘Will it ever be the same again?”

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Welcome to my floating universe!

New ray of hope

New ray of hope

Just like my life, I’m starting fresh with my blog. I deleted my old blog. It was difficult but I thought those words, those stories that are now encrypted on the pages of my blog will always haunt me if I don’t delete them. I wish I could do that with my memory as well. I almost did that the last time when I went through a catastrophic event of my life. But in the process, I made cracks and holes in my amazing memory. I don’t remember a lot of the things that happened during those 6 years. For e.g. when I watch a movie that I have already watched during that time, I am like: ‘Oh that movie is amazing!’ But when it starts playing, I am dumbfounded. I remember almost nothing which is good in a way. I can watch the movie again without feeling bored. There are fragments of memories here and there. It’s like an old printed photograph that just fades away with time.

I want this blog to be something I will never have to delete and forget. I want it to be the archive of all the bitter sweet experiences that I am experiencing with my floating partner. 🙂 I want this blog to be a witness of everything I am going through while I am trying to find myself in this big void universe.